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Monte Lema, 24.08.2016
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Webcam CS2006
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thumb_cs2006.jpgThe CS2006 has been 6 days of intense work to entertain more than 100 pilots and attribute the championships title to some of the best paragliders of 2006.   All possible (weather apart) was done to make the stay in the south of the Alps as pleasurable as possible by an organisation of volunteers. Thanks to all those that have supported this event, to those that were present at M. Lema and also those that were not present, but in any case close via the internet.

Classifica Finale CS2006 Print E-mail

E' online la classifica finale generale dei CS2006:

 final national overall.pdf
 final national women.pdf

 1. Christian Maurer
 2. Stephan Morgenthaler
 3. Steve Cox
 4. Stefan Wyss
 5. Karin Appenzeller

 1. Karin Appenzeller
 2. Anja Kroll
 3. Naomi Ventura
 4. Pia Maria Oechslin
 5. Eliane Ueltischi


 final international overall.pdf final international women.pdf

 1. SVN - Urban Valic
 2. CHE - Christian Maurer
 3. CHE - Stephan Morgenthaler
 4. CHE - Steve Cox
 5. CZE - David Ohlidal


 1. CHE - Karin Appenzeller
 2. CHE - Anja Kroll
 3. CHE - Naomi Ventura
 4. CHE - Pia Maria Oechslin
 5. CHE - Eliane Ueltischi


Classifica Task 4 del 01.05.2006 Print E-mail

Sono online le classifiche ufficiali della Task 4 dei CS2006:

 Nazionale generale:task 4 national overall.pdf
 Nazionale donne:
task 4 national women.pdf
 Internazionale generale: 
task 4 international overall.pdf
 Internazionale donne:task 4 international women.pdf
Classifica Task 3 del 30.04.2006 Print E-mail

Sono online le classifiche ufficiali della  Task3 dei CS2006:

 Nazionale generale: task 3 national overall.pdf
 Nazionale donne: task 3 national women.pdf
 Internazionale generale:   task 3 international overall.pdf
 Internazionale donne: task 3 international women.pdf

1st May Closing task Print E-mail
thumb_0178.jpgToday 1st May saw the closing of the Swiss Championships, a competition that tested the pilots very well.   The persistent fog that surrounded Monte Lema this morning dampened the pilots and organizers spirits at the take-off.   Still, true to the forecast given by our meteorologist Emanuele Zala, the cloud base lifted and the pilots, starting at 1300 hrs, quickly left the take-off for a task of 40km.   The task course took place in the skies above Malcantone, (waypoints Migleglia, Rogoria, Breno, Monte Ferraro, followed by the landing at Sessa).  The relatively weaker thermal conditions and lower cloud base made it tough for the pilots, and several pilots in fact were forced to land at Migleglia, Breno, and at Piani di Caroggio.   That is how this Swiss International Championships was concluded, in a superb manner, despite initial weather conditions that were not easily interpreted.   The organizing Committee would like to heartfully thank all pilots in the race for their enthusiastic participation and for the fair-play demonstrated throughout the event. Foto online
30th April 3nd task Print E-mail optimal meteorological conditions: the combination between the cold air flowing from the north and the strong sun in ticino, helped develop sustained thermals.   The race organizers therefore decided a task of 73.4 km, starting from Lema and heading towards M. Gradiccioli and then south again as far as M. Nudo in Italy, back north to M. Ferraro, and then south again to Sette Termini, from where the pilots headed at full speed directly to the safety waypoint and to the landing.   The arrival of the lead group was particularly entertaining with about 10 pilots all landing within the space of a few minutes.   The task today was above all selective, and several pilots had to land before making goal.   According to the pilots who arrived to goal, the conditions were particularly strong and on occasion quite turbulent and gave a tough challenge to the pilots, who had to deal with several wing collapses due to turbulence.  Waypoint no. 13 proved to be the most difficult. This and another Foto Foto online

Looking back on the day… Print E-mail

thumb_116.jpgObserving the meteorological  evolution of the day has allowed me to make some reflections.
The day confirmed that it was possibile to fly with north wind conditions at the south of the alps but above all with a noticeable difference of pressure between north and south, touching over 10hPa (at 1550 , 13hPa was even measured).   These conditions are common in our region, and often this metereorological situation does not allow us to fly in safety.  The fact that after the cancellation of the task today some pilots decided to fly, does not mean that it is safe.  In the south part of the alps with winds coming from the north, the conditions are often turbulent and dangerous. I don’t wish to sound too dramatic, but I would like that everyone who visits us in the future realise that with these wind conditions, the rule is no flying. The President A. Mondori

29 april Task cancelled Print E-mail

thumb_60.jpgUnfortunately also today it was not possible to carry out the task.   The weather conditions of north wind with a noticeable pressure difference between the north and south of the alps of over 13 hPa convinced the race director to cancel the race.   The decision not to carry out the race was anything but easy.   In fact, the conditions at the take-off were quite flyable, with a head wind and sustained thermals.   The decision not to race however was taken to guarantee the maximum safety of the competion.   This fact however did not stop a number of pilots from flying. Inevitably the day brought up the question of flying in conditions with north wind. We invite you to read the note from Antonio Mondori, President of the COCS, above. Foto online

Classifica Task 1 del 27.04.2006 Print E-mail

Sono online le classificche ufficiali della Task1 dei CS2006

 Nazionale generale: task 1 national general.pdf
 Nazionale donne: task 1 national women.pdf
 Internazionale generale:   task 1 international overall.pdf
 Internazionale donne: task 1 international women.pdf